Originally from Durham, North Carolina, Austin "Auz" Miles is a practicing painter, designer, and public artist located in Richmond, VA. She uses color, texture, and distortion to embody her own stories and contribute to the conversation about Black female experiences. Miles is an alumna of Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts (VCU), receiving her Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2017. Her paintings are a glimpse into a realm where emotions are personified and become out-of-body experiences of connection. Through her work, Austin "Auz" Miles hosts visual conversations that ignite understanding and inspire community healing.


Austin "Auz" Miles has shown work at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture during their Fresh Paint(2018) and Mending Walls(2020) exhibitions. In addition, Miles collaborated with the Jamestown Settlement in 2019, creating two works featuring the tenacious tri-cultured women of Jamestown and the first Black women to be documented in the United States in 1619, Angelo. These paintings were displayed in their Tenacity exhibition. Austin "Auz" Miles has painted many vibrant, uplifting murals throughout Richmond's city and has shown her work in Virginia, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Atlanta GA, and Cusco Peru.


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