While watching her older sister draw, Austin "Auz" Miles developed her passion for art. Always drawing. Always making. Growing up Durham, North Carolina, Austin was inspired by Ernie Barnes’ distorted figures, and the stories his paintings told about African-American culture. Realizing her yearning for creativity at a young age, Austin began attending Durham School of the Arts at the age of eleven. Upon graduation, Austin relocated to Richmond, Virginia in 2012 to attend Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts (VCU); majoring in Communication Arts, and minoring in Painting & Printmaking. During her time at VCU, Austin discovered her passion for painting. Deciding to pursue a career as a painter, She had her first solo exhibition in February 2016.  Since then, Austin has shown her work in Richmond VA, Washington D.C, Atlanta GA, and Cusco Peru. In the Fall of 2017, Austin Miles won the Amendment Art and Literary Journal Art Award, where her painting ‘Enough’ was published in the Amendment Art and Literary Journal December issue. Austin has also been featured in RVA Magazine, Uprise Magazine, and Zeitgeist: VCU Department of Psychology News Magazine, where her work was featured on the front cover in 2012.


Austin “Auz” Miles was first introduced to murals in the Spring of 2017, while collaborating to create Richmond’s first mural created by and specifically for black girls. It was then she realized the positive impact, importance, and representation that murals can provide for a community. In December 2017, Austin Miles graduated from VCU Arts with her Bachelors of Fine Arts. She currently is a practicing painter, graphic designer, and muralist in Richmond, VA. Austin uses color, texture, and distorted human and animal figures in her work, to embody her own stories; in an attempt to contribute to the conversation about Black female experiences.


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